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One day, a colleague of mine somehow illuminated me. As a person worthy of credibility, what he said that day, was internalized by me, or maybe it was already there and it was just strengthened, then consolidated in me as a value.

He was talking about the way we spend the time, in a general sense in a lifetime, in particular in the single day. All of a sudden frown (symptom that was about to say something he firmly believed – a value) and said, “You know Simone, I like to think of I’m DOING a job in order to have resources to live and to BE something else.” And I was with him at that time.

So here is because of the name of the site. PaPòPi: a sort of acronym. I’m a Father (PAdre in italian), a Pò-et, a PAinter (PI-ttore in italian): PaPòPi.

Therefore, the site will contain poems and paintings, but also scattered thoughts, words, my philosophy.

The subtitle of the site is “Chemistry, Discipline, Philosophy.” This is perhaps the nutshell of what I think about life. We are made of body (Chemistry) and mind (Discipline) in continuous symbiosis , in this minute, today, tomorrow, next year and in life. From the relationship between these two parts of our being, borns the life and starts our interpretation of our world and therefore our philosophy.

In this site I will try to publish the chapters of a book I’m writing for years and summarizes what I think I got about my “Rule” (Discipline) of life.

The father, the poet, the painter, all three bouncing between the animal (Chemistry) and rational (Discipline) with the aim of understanting the reason of life.







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  1. Simone, le tue parole mi hanno fatto venire i brividi. Ricordo quel giorno…..forse tu hai trovato il coraggio per cominciare davvero ad “essere”. Un abbraccio forte

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