To my father

Last Saturday my father passed away after 10 months fighting against a cancer.

In his house, at the entrance, there is one of my first picture I painted few years ago.

It is my father’s portrait done in my way.

Here you are the picture and few verses (in italian and I give it a try in english).

Danzano quiete l'ore in tempesta

“Danzano quiete l’ore in tempesta” Oil on canvas 50×70


Danzano quiete l’ore in tempesta

Incomodo fardello d’onore l’onesta’

Rispettosa visione d’altre priorita’

Fedele a se stesso come pietra si ritrova

Istintivamente adeso alla Gea alcova

Ballando ebbri d’Iole si passa in Martelle

L’infinito rimescolio da tramontate stelle

In future sfide il cui evitar e’ d’iene

Triste tinto nel “Blue” irreale, se vuoi, diviene

Chi l’amor rifugge la vita non desta

Danzano quiete l’ore in tempesta


Hours dance in the storm… quitly

Uncomfortable burden of honor the honesty

Respectful vision of others priority

Faithful to himself as a stone finds the owe

Instinctively adhering to the Gea alcove

Dancing inebriated from Iole he passed in Mars

The endless reshuffling from down stars

To avoid future challenges is by hyenas

Sad painted in “Blue” unreal, if you will, becomes

Who love avoids, does not awaken the life… likely

Hours dance in the storm… quitly

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