..and Running or Swimming

Once I was a waterpolo player: nice sport, it allows you to control your shape almost in a perfect way. When I stopped practicing it I started to gain weight. In 1993 I was 20 years old and 72 kg weight. In 2000 I was 80 kg weight, in 2005 already around 90. In 2008 I reached 92 kg. Then I started running: 7 km a day, almost all days.

It was nice when I went to buy a new pair of running shoes and the guy told me “boy you need to change your running shoes every 1000 km, that’s why you have backache”. I looked at him thinking “you are foolish”, but then I calculated that in one year I ran more than 2000 km = 80 kcal per km = 160.000 kcal = 16 kg of fat = -13 kg weight and 3 kg of fun eating….. In 2010 I was less than 80 kg again. Today I’m between 77 kg and 79 kg.


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  1. e qui ti ritrovo, beh che dire che bello.. e proprio il gg del tuo compleanno.tanti auguri papòpi, Simone..tanti tantissimi auguri.. sabry.(class ’91-92).con il tempo leggerò e se ho qualcosa di utile commenterò i tuoi articoli..mi affascina la prefazione.. buona vita Simone!

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